Refreshingly Light Clementine Orange Tonic Water

Our Clementine Orange Tonic is made by blending spring water with the essential oils of Spanish Clementines, balanced with the gentle bitterness of our signature quinine. The sweet, juicy notes of the clementines make it the perfect accompaniment to London dry gins, creating a delicious orange serve to be enjoyed all year round.

Refreshingly Light Clementine Orange Tonic Water

Refreshingly Light Clementine Orange Tonic Water

Tasting notes:

Refreshingly Light Clementine Orange Tonic Water
Clementines growing in Valencia, Spain


Full of flavour this tonic water is subtly sweet, with juicy notes of clementine, perfectly balanced with the soft bitterness of quinine.

Key Ingredients

We proudly source our delicious clementines from Spain. Ripened in the warmth, our clementines are rich in colour and are sweeter than a mandarin or orange. The juicy citrus flavour is less acidic than other orange varieties.

Spanish Clementine

Citrus Reticulata X Citrus Sinensis


We source clementine's from Spain where the long hours of sunshine create the perfect climate for the fruit to grow, developing the wonderful juicy flavour & aroma they’re renowned for. Harvested earlier on in the year, we extract the fresh oil from the citrus peel of the ripe fruit. which provides a pleasantly rich, sweet, and juicy citrus flavour, that is less acidic than other orange varieties.


Cinchona ledgeriana

Democratic Republic of Congo

Quinine is the key ingredient that creates the gentle bitterness in tonic water. Our name was chosen as it is the colloquial name for the cinchona tree, the bark of which produces quinine. After discovering early 17th century references in the British library, Charles and Tim located one of the only remaining plantations of original Cinchona Ledgeriana trees (known locally as ‘fever trees’) which produce some of the highest quality quinine in the world, located in the Democratic Republic of Congo. For Charles and Tim, there was no other option but to source Fever-Tree’s quinine from this area.

Nutritional info
Typical values per 100ml



Total carb*

* of which sugars: 4.5g

Protein, fat, fibre, salt


Carbonated Spring Water, Fructose, Acid: Citric Acid, Natural Flavourings including Natural Quinine, Natural Clementine Flavouring, Natural Colouring

Available formats

Our 500ml bottles are great for enjoying a few drinks with friends.