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We are committed to ensuring the relative environmental impacts are minimised throughout the lifecycle of our packaging.

For us, sustainable packaging means using a format that minimises its impact on the environment, while fulfilling the requirement to protect, transport and present Fever-Tree products.

We never use PET bottles, but use glass and cans made from a portion of recycled materials to package our drinks. Our packaging is infinitely recyclable, and we are taking steps to encourage consumers and customers to recycle our products so the lifecycle can continue. Using a proportion of recycled glass and aluminium also contributes to the reduction in the energy and water required in our packaging production, compared to producing virgin (0% recycled material) bottles and cans.

In Germany, consistent with local requirements we only use returnable, refillable bottles, and we are exploring applying the learnings from this scheme to other markets we operate in.

Proud to join the Loop initiative

In the UK, as part of our commitment to minimising the impact of our packaging even further, we have joined the Loop initiative, a first-of-its kind reuse platform in partnership with the UK’s number 1 retailer, Tesco. This zero-waste initiative will see our Indian Tonic Water and Mediterranean Tonic Water sold in returnable and refillable 750ml glass bottles.

How does it work?

As part of a trial in selected Tesco shops from 13th September 2021, you will find our Indian Tonic Water and Mediterranean Tonic Water available in returnable 750ml bottles.

Once you have enjoyed our mixers, the empty bottles can be returned to the participating Tesco stores, where they will refund the 20p deposit to you via the Loop app. The bottles will then be cleaned to industrial standards and refilled, before arriving back in your local Tesco store.

We are incredibly excited to take part to reimagine the future of packaging for our drinks.

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