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Aperol Blood Orange Spritz

No/Low Cocktails


  • 50ml (2fl oz) Aperol
  • 150ml Fever-Tree Italian Blood Orange Soda, to top up
  • Thick orange wedge, to garnish

Mixing Method

Here are three simple steps to make the perfect Apreol Blood Orange Spritz:

Step one: Pour the Aperol into a large wine glass filled with ice cubes.

Step two: Top up with Fever-Tree Italian Blood Orange Soda Water

Step three: Garnish with an orange wedge.

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You can never have too much orange in an Aperol Spritz. That’s why, instead of regular soda water, this spin on the classic aperitif adds Fever-Tree Italian Blood Orange Soda and a thick orange wedge, to make each sip as juicy as possible. Without Prosseco this recipe makes a delcious lighter alternative.