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Our Drinks
What's the difference between your regular products and the Refreshingly Light alternatives?
Our Refreshingly Light range provides low-calorie versions of our mixers with no compromise on taste or quality. Each variant has been made with the same unique botanicals and ingredients except for the sugar, which we have changed to fruit sugar. This is naturally much sweeter, allowing us to use less of it to achieve the same taste.
How do I read the expiry date on my Fever-Tree product?

The 'BBE' (best before end) date can be found in the below places:

  • The outside of a 200ml case
  • The neck of a 200ml bottle
  • The back label of a 500ml bottle, near the barcode
  • The base of a can

This will be in the format of 'BBE 00/00' where 00/00 is the month and year, i.e. 12/21. It may begin with MHD.

We extensively test our products to be at their optimum quality until the best before end date, but unfortunately can not guarantee it after this time.

Are Fever-Tree products suitable for vegans?

All Fever-Tree products are suitable for vegetarian and vegan diets.

Is there alcohol in Fever-Tree products?

All Fever-Tree products are alcohol-free.

Please note that as we use ethanol to carry some flavours, we can not guarantee absolute 0% ABV.

Are Fever-Tree products halal?

Fever-Tree products are not certified halal.

Are Fever-Tree products gluten-free?

We do not add gluten to our products - with the exception of the below - but they are not certified gluten-free.

Please note, that we use barley malt extract (with gluten levels of below 20ppm) in our Madagascan Cola and Smokey Ginger Ale available in select regions. 

Please keep an eye on the back label of our products for up to date allergen information.

Other Requests
Do you sell glasses and other merchandise?
At the moment, we don't sell branded glasses or any other merchandise. Aside from our drinks, the only other things we sell are our spirit and mixer selection gift packs and our book The Art Of Mixing, which you can buy from Amazon here:

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