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Our Drinks
Why don't you make zero-calorie mixers?

Quinine is what changes flavoured fizzy water into the tonic water we know and love and is responsible for the gentle bitterness you'll recognise. To balance this out, something sweet has to be added. At Fever-Tree, we pride ourselves in using only the highest quality ingredients and so don't go near any artificial sweeteners, flavourings or preservatives. For years, traditional tonic water-makers scrimped on the quality of their ingredients for the sake of profit and, as a result, the taste took a massive hit. So the use of naturally sourced ingredients is much more than just a worthy cause for us – it’s the whole reason we exist. Right now, there are no natural sources of sweetness that are calorie-free and don't have an unpleasant taste. We're always on the look-out for such a wonder ingredient though.

What's the difference between your regular products and the Refreshingly Light alternatives?

Our Refreshingly Light range provides low-calorie versions of our mixers with no compromise on taste or quality. Each variant has been made with the same unique botanicals and ingredients except for the sugar, which we have changed to fruit sugar. This is naturally much sweeter, allowing us to use less of it to achieve the same taste.

Why can't I find your Clementine and Cinnamon Tonic Water?

This is a flavour we came up with a few years back for the Belgian market. We were pretty proud of it so released it in the UK for Christmas 2017 as a special limited edition flavour. It turned out to be much more popular than we could have imagined and we hear from customers every day about how much they loved it. So although it won't become a permanent fixture on supermarket shelves anytime soon, it might make a reappearance at some point in the near future. Keep your eyes peeled...

Where To Buy
Where can I buy Fever-Tree?

It's impossible for us to know exactly where we're stocked and if they have any left instore before you arrive to buy your mixers. On the menu in the top-right corner of this website, navigate your way to Where To Buy, where we've put down as much information as we can about where you can buy Fever-Tree.

Other Requests
Do you sell glasses and other merchandise?

At the moment, we don't sell branded glasses or any other merchandise. Aside from our drinks, the only other things we sell are our spirit and mixer selection gift packs and our book The Art Of Mixing, which you can buy from Amazon here:

Can you support our fundraising?

Every day, we receive messages from really passionate people working on incredibly worthy causes that leave us in awe. While we used to dip in and out of charitable endeavours, a few years ago, we decided to focus our efforts onto one issue that means a lot to us: the fight to end malaria. It is one of the oldest and deadliest diseases that takes a child's life every two minutes and keeps so many countries in a permanent state of hardship and grief. Yet it is completely preventable. Tonic Water using quinine from 'fever trees' was invented years ago to prevent malaria; we're putting the power to defeat malaria back into this marvellous liquid by working with Malaria No More UK to pressure governments and international bodies to invest more in the fight to end malaria for good. We have to say no to these other requests so that we can concentrate on the fight against malaria.

Can you tell me about the quinine you use?

We’ve put together a really useful article about quinine, and how we use it in Fever-Tree mixers. Click here to read it:


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