Light Margarita Mixer

Made with the same perfect blend of ingredients as our Classic Margarita, with 58% less sugar & calories for a deliciously bright & refreshing Margarita. 50 Calories per 4Fl. Oz Serving with no artificial sweeteners.

Light Margarita Mixer

Light Margarita Mixer

Tasting notes:

Light Margarita Mixer
Enjoy A Light Margarita at home



Crafted with the finest Mexican Limes, Mexican agave & a touch of Spanish sea salt. Expertly blended, creating the perfect balance of sweet & tart for a deliciously, refreshing Margarita. Simply add tequila or mezcal and shake or stir over ice for a deliciously zesty & authentic margarita.

Key Ingredients

Blend of tart citrus tastes with agave providing a touch of sweetness to this recipe.


Mexican Blue Agave

Mexico provides the ideal climate for agave which grows best in rocky, sandy, well-drained soil in full sun. Agave flavor can range from very mild, almost neutral flavor to a medium-intensity caramel flavor to one not dissimilar to molasses or honey.

Spanish Salt

Spanish Salt

Spain’s combination of abundant sunshine, low daytime humidity, and access to sea creates optimal environment for this natural flavor enhancer. Taste is very subtle yet aromatic.  No finishing touch more appropriate to heighten your Bloody Mary.

Nutritional info
Typical values per 200ml



Total carb*

* of which sugars: 12g

Protein, fat, fibre, salt


Water, lime juice from concentrate, cane sugar, agave syrup, citric acid, natural flavoring, orange extract, lime extract, bitters (alcohol, water, sugar, caramel color, gentian, natural flavorings), sea salt, grapefruit oil. 

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