Analyst Consensus

  FY20 Actuals FY21 Consensus FY22 Consensus
  £m £m £m
Total Sales        252.1 303.6 351.9
UK 103.3 114.7






Europe 65.3 82.5 93.2
ROW 25 29.1 34.7
EBITDA 57.0 61.2 74.8
PBT         51.6 53.7 66.5
Adj. EPS (pence)    35.76 37.20 46.00


The consensus is calculated by taking the simple average of submissions from 19 registered investment analysts, based on their opinions, forecasts, estimates, projections and predictions regarding the Company's performance. It does not represent the Company’s own views on its performance nor does the Company or its management endorse or make any representation or warranty in relation to the consensus data. The Company endeavours to ensure that the consensus data is accurate and up-to-date but it is not under an obligation to update the consensus data.

The consensus data was last updated on 11/10/2021.