Corporate Responsibility



At Fever-Tree we take great pride in both our brand and products. We are committed to ensuring the highest standards of corporate and social responsibility are maintained. From the selection of our ingredients, the bottling of our drinks and the service to our customers, we work with people who share and support our approach.


We have been proud partners of Malaria No More (MNM) since 2013, sharing in its ambition to end malaria, the world’s oldest and deadliest disease, which threatens over half the world’s population. Malaria is making a comeback. After a halving in cases and deaths since 2000, there are now worrying signs of a resurgence, the 2017 World Malaria Report showed an increase in cases for the first time in a decade. We know historically that malaria will return with a vengeance unless global commitment and resources are increased. There is a real danger of complacency at this critical point unless the fight against malaria is stepped up.

In 2018, we put more resources into the fight than we had ever done before. We worked together with MNM to help convene a Malaria Summit in London, leading to Heads of Government from all 53 Commonwealth members to commit to halving malaria cases and deaths across the Commonwealth in the next five years, alongside associated pledges worth over $4 billion. In addition we launched our Raise a Glass to Fight Malaria campaign, which saw thousands of people sharing photos of themselves toasting a faster end to malaria across social media. We donated £5 for every tagged photo, raising £150,000 for MNM, and reached over 40 million people.

Building on our relationship with MNM, we recently announced a commitment of £1 million over the next three years through a number of different initiatives aimed at raising awareness and support for MNM as it leads a global campaign to combat this disease. This funding will enable MNM to drive forward international efforts to achieve the historic commitment made by Commonwealth Leaders in April 2018.


The Group’s Social and Ethical Business Policy is embedded in our management system and sets out the standards of employment that we require of our product and other major suppliers to conduct their business in line with. These standards are set in accordance with the Ethical Trading Initiative Base Code and International Labour Organisation fundamental conventions. In addition to standards of employment the policy covers

  • Avoiding bribery and corruption
  • Adherence to the Modern Slavery Act
  • Health and Safety Management Systems
  • Environmental Management Systems

All Fever-Tree suppliers have committed to the policy to ensure that an active approach is taken with regards to responsible sourcing. In addition there is a high focus on risk management, working with our suppliers to identify areas of risk to ensure long term sustainability and continuity.



Fever-Tree’s employees are the key ingredient to our success and we value each and every person that works for us. We currently employ c.135 employees and we are committed to investing in and supporting them in developing their careers. We nurture personal development and continuous improvement, rewarding and recognising the contribution of our people. Our UK employees are based at our Head Office in London and in June 2018, we were delighted to open a new US headquarters in New York, taking direct control of all US operations as we capitalise on the significant opportunity in the North American market.

We actively promote diversity within our workforce and wholly support equal opportunities in employment. We know that differing backgrounds and perspectives create a more dynamic and inclusive environment, and this reflects our approach throughout our recruitment, training and promotion processes. We are also absolutely committed to the health, safety and wellbeing of our employees.

Health & Safety

Fever-Tree is committed to maintaining a healthy and safe environment for our employees, suppliers and customers.


Fever-Tree adheres to the highest environmental standard in the sourcing of our ingredients and the making of our products. Packaging is a critical component of our products with the key function to guarantee product quality, reduce waste and inform our consumers of important information as well as market the brand. We are committed to ensuring that the relative environmental impacts are minimised throughout the life cycle of the packaging materials. For us, sustainable packaging means using the packaging format which is ethically sourced with the lowest possible environmental footprint, whilst ensuring the requirement to protect, transport and present the Fever-Tree brand.

 Our bottles and can packaging are 100% recyclable and on average each bottle contains 35% of recycled glass and each can contains on average 45% recycled aluminium. By using a proportion of recycled material in our packaging solutions, we directly contribute to the reduction in the energy and water required when compared to making virgin (0% recycled material) bottles and cans. In addition, Fever Tree manufactures at a returnable bottling facility which is operational in Germany.

We work with a number of local bottling partners across our production facilities, which has contributed to a reduction of carbon footprint over transportation of raw materials and finished goods in our end markets