How to Make the ultimate

Vodka & Tonic



- 150ml di Fever-Tree Mediterranean Tonic Water

- 50ml di premium vodka

- Ghiaccio

- Timo limone o un twist di scorza di limone


Mixing Method

Riempi un largo bicchiere da vino o un bicchiere alto con molto ghiaccio a cubetti. Aggiungi 5cl della tua vodka favorita e colma il bicchiere con  Fever-Tree Mediterranean Tonic Water da frigorifero, e completa il drink con un garnish composto da un rametto di timo limone o un twist di bccia di limone.

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This is a classic long drink that really lets the natural flavours of our tonic water shine through – light, refreshing, and highly sippable. As this drink is so popular, you may view it as too much of a staple to be improved upon. The Vodka Tonic is a work of genius we can all enjoy with a few simple ingredients, so how could it possibly be made any better?

Well, we’re all about making the greats ever greater, and we think we’ve absolutely smashed it with our Vodka Tonic Water cocktail. Our citrus and fresh Mediterranean Tonic Water is perfect for this. Its delicately floral and herbaceous notes of lemon thyme, rosemary, and geranium lend a crisp and bright edge to this Vodka and Tonic recipe. It’s everything you want it to be, but a little bit more refined.

We wouldn’t ever want to get into an argument regarding Vodka and Tonic vs Gin and Tonic, but if we had to defend the former, this iteration of an icon would be the ace up our sleeve.