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Cucumber Garden Party

Gin Cocktails


These are the few ingredients you need to make a cool & refreshing twist on the G&T

  • 3 parts Refreshingly Light Cucumber Tonic Water
  • 1 part Gin
  • 3 Thin cucumber slices, to garnish
  • Mint Sprig to Garnish

Mixing Method

Here are three simple steps to make this fresh twist on the classic G&T

Step One: Fill your glass to the top with large ice cubes – the more ice, the longer your drink stays refreshingly cool.

Step Two: Pour over a measure of gin (1/4) followed by the Fever-Tree Refreshingly Light Cucumber Tonic Water  (3/4)

Step Three: Add your cucumber ribbons & fresh mint

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Light cucumber essence notes perfectly balanced with the soft bitterness of Fever-Tree’s signature quinine from the fever trees of Eastern Congo make for a wonderfully refreshing and crisp G&T with a distinctively fresh, summery taste and aroma. Pairs perfectly with gin, but don't hesistate trying with Vodka or 


While perfect with floral and fresh gins, for a traditional twist on the quintessential summer tipples, try vodkas, tequilas or even Aperol for a fresh take.