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Our Story

At Fever-Tree, we believe that if ¾ of your drink is the mixer, you should mix with the best. This belief extends to our commitment to making mixers with the best that nature has to offer. From when our co-founders Charles and Tim established the brand to the present day, sustainability has been a consideration in everything we do. Remaining true to our pioneering spirit, we continually challenge ourselves to find ever more sustainable ways to produce our products. Whether it be the selection of our ingredients, working with partners to drive sustainability across our supply chain, right through to supporting local communities where we source from, live and work – we strive to create a lasting positive impact.

In 2020, we launched Fever-Tree’s Five Branches of Sustainability – the framework that guides our initiatives that care for the world in which we live in and the people with whom we work. Our branches prioritise the key areas of Climate, Circular Economy, Conservation, Communities and Colleagues, driving us to make a positive contribution across society and the environment.


Read more about progress towards Fever-Tree's Five Branches of Sustainability in our Sustainability Report.

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