Kentucky Mule

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Here you might ask, how is Moscow Mule different than Kentucky Mule?

Answer is simple, the original Moscow mule recipe is made with vodka while here made with bourbon. Try Tequila for a Jalisco Mule. 

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Moscow Mule with a twist: Kentucky Mule Recipe – Made with Kentucky bourbon, our ginger beer, and fresh-squeezed lime juice, this easy to make 3-ingredient cocktail recipe is perfect for any party and any season.

Kentucky Mule Ingredients

1 part Kentucky Bourbon

3 parts Fever-Tree Ginger Beer

Fresh lime 

Kentucky Mule

Add the bourbon and squeeze of lime to a Moscow Mule mug or a highball glass.

Fill the mug or glass with ice and top with ginger beer.

Garnish with lime wedge or fresh mint sprig. 

Mixers: Ginger Beer

Spirits: Bulleit Bourbon, Jack Daniels Tennessee Bourbon, Starward Two Fold, Patron Silver Tequila

Tastes: Full-flavoured warmth