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Den Ultimative Whisky Ginger

Whisky Cocktails


3 dele Fever-Tree Ginger Ale 

1 del Johnnie Walker Black Label Whiskey

Masser af isterninger

En skive frisk appelsin

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Fyld et highball-glas med friske isterninger, og overhæld dem med whisky. Tilsæt langsomt Fever-Tree Ginger Ale, omrør forsigtigt og top drinken med en friskskåret skive appelsin. 

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The blend of Scotch spice and the bright notes of ginger have been together in some form since around the turn of the 20th century, having been noted in a famous American cocktail book at that time. In terms of where it actually originates, it’s hard to say.

Some say Europe, others America, with believers of the latter citing its other name – the whiskey or ginger ale highball – as proof. ‘Highball’ is an American steam railroad term, showing that wherever it came from, the Whisky Ginger cocktail became an international superstar in no time.

Much less elusive than its origins are the reasons for its explosion in popularity. There are quite simply few flavour combinations in the culinary or cocktail worlds that are so perfectly balanced. The sweetness of the fizz settles the harsh edge of the whisky, while also letting its deeper flavours shine through. It’s a match made in mixology heaven, with the big flavours of whisky finding a perfect sparring partner with the refreshing and versatile ginger ale.

Our job with our recipe – and our gingery and fresh Fever-Tree Ginger Ale – is to take this already stunning combination to its full potential, while maintaining the simplicity that has made it such a favourite in the first place.