How to Make the ultimate

Vodka & Blood Orange Soda Spritz



This super simple recipe requires the following ingredients:

Mixing Method

Here are three simple steps to create the perfect blood orange cocktail:

Step One: Fill a large wine glass to the top with ice.

Step Two: Add the Vodka.

Step Three: Pour in the Italian Blood Orange Soda. Garnish with a fresh slice of orange and enjoy.


This fruity spritz recipe contains 2 units of alcohol and our Fever-Tree Italian Blood orange soda provides a spectacular mixer low in calories.

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Adding blood oranges to cocktails is nothing new. In fact, the origins of our sensational blood orange Italian soda recipe have a history linked to that other refreshing Italian classic: the negroni. The fruit’s sweetness rounded off the harsher edges and added a stunning dash of colour.

Blood Orange Vodka Spritz takes this idea to a stunning conclusion. The versatility of vodka makes the ideal playmate to the bold, crowd-pleasing taste of the finest blood oranges Italy has to offer.

Blood oranges are so popular because of that sweet, soft deliciousness that comes from the distinctive growing conditions of those regions. Our crisp Italian Blood Orange Soda is the perfect balance of juicy blood oranges from Sicily combined with a unique blend of herbal botanicals. Simply mix it with vodka for a refreshing and low-calorie spritz, perfect for a warm summer evening or BBQ.

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