Sicilian Lemonade

We've created a superb, cloudy, sparkling lemonade using fresh, zesty high-quality oils from the skin and juice of Sicilian Lemons. Perfectly balanced to be enjoyed as a sophisticated soft drink served over plenty of ice or sip straight from the can.

Sicilian Lemonade

Sicilian Lemonade

Tasting Notes

Sicilian Lemonade
The lemon groves of Sicily


A fresh and zesty cloudy lemonade. The spring water we use in our Sicilian Lemonade is carbonated with very fine bubbles to produce a silky mouthfeel. To this, we add the fruit juice and the oils from the peel of Sicilian lemons and blend with sugar to make for an amazingly zingy and refreshing lemonade with no cloying aftertaste.

Key Ingredients

Sicilian Lemons

Femminello siracusa


Some of the world’s finest lemons grow in fertile groves in Sicily, extracts of which are used in our Sicilian Lemonade and Lemon Tonic Water. To extract the high quality oils from the skin of the lemons, Sfumatrice equipment is used to gently press the lemons - normally a process reserved for the perfume industry. By extracting these oils, we are able to create the fresh and zesty flavour for our lemon mixers.

Nutritional info
Typical values per 100ml



Total carb*

* of which sugars: 4.4g

Protein, fat, fibre, salt


Carbonated Spring Water, Sugar, Lemon Fruit from Concentrate (6%), Fructose Acid: Citric Acid, Natural Lemon Flavourings, Antioxidant: Ascorbic Acid.


Please refer to product packaging for latest nutritionals

Available formats

Our 250ml cans are the perfect size for a single serve, simply sip out the can or pour into a glass with ice

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