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Circular Economy

Circular Economy

We recognise the importance of using packaging that minimises our impact on the wider environment. That’s why we continually seek new ways to enhance the life cycle of our packaging and manufacturing procedures, diminish waste, drive the circular economy enabling the reutilisation of this planet’s limited resources. 

For us, sustainable packaging means using a format that minimises its impact on the environment, while fulfilling the requirement to protect, transport and present our drinks. We never use PET bottles, instead using infinitely recyclable glass bottles and aluminium cans, and we use a proportion of recycled content in our bottles and cans which contributes to a reduction in the energy and water required in packaging production, compared to virgin materials with 0% recycled content. 

Finally, we encourage the recycling of our finished products to truly harness the circular nature of Fever-Tree packaging. We highlight the recyclability of our bottles and cans on pack, and encourage responsible end-of-life disposal to customers and consumers alike.

Read more about our Circular Economy efforts in our Sustainability Report.

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