One Tree Planted In Partnership with the U.S. Forest Service

Fever-Tree was founded on the belief of using the best ingredients and understanding the importance of biodiversity in creating them – be it the quinine from the Democratic Republic of Congo, citrus from Mexico, ginger from India, or even cola nuts from Jamaica.

But it is not just about where we source from. We also believe in enriching biodiversity in places where we live and where we play. That’s why we are excited to be partnering with One Tree Planted to restore and to create resilient forest ecosystems on public lands from coast to coast in National Parks in the US.

One Tree Planted is a non-profit environmental charity on a mission of global reforestation. Through their partnerships with the U.S. Forest Service we are able to plant trees in +20 iconic US National Forests restoring forests and protecting habitat for biodiversity across America. 

National Forests cover from the ice fields of Alaska to the tropical rainforest of Puerto Rico, these 193 million acres belong to Americans, and their management and care have been entrusted to the United States Forest Service.  Through our reforestation efforts, National Forests can continue to thrive as together we will:

  • Create habitat for America's iconic biodiversity
  • Reforest public land for community enrichment
  • Preserve landscapes with historical & cultural value

From mighty maples to ponderosa pines, National Forest projects will help restore land damaged by events like fires, extreme weather, tree diseases, insect infestation, and more. 

The United States Forest Service have amazing experts who chose trees that will bring the greatest overall benefit to the National Forest in question. A diverse array of native species will be planted at each location.

Fever-Tree and One Tree Planted join forces to mix with purpose in select restaurants and bars across America. One Drink Ordered will equate to One Tree Planted*