Comment Faire l'Ultime

Cuba Libre



La recette

Etape 1 : Remplir un grand verre avec des glaçons
Etape 2 : Ajouter 50ml de rhum brun et une dose généreuse de jus de citron vert pressé bien frais
Etape 3 : Compléter avec 150ml de Fever-Tree Distillers Cola
Etape 4 : Garnir de quartiers de citron vert 

En savoir plus

This is the original rum cocktail, created in Cuba's capital Havana, with a simplicity that belies its historical significance. The Cuba Libre story begins in the early 20th century, as Cuba gained its independence as a result of the Spanish-American war.

There can be no doubt that this drink is a truly Cuban one. Not only was it created there, but its simplicity and affordability helped make it one of the more popular alcoholic drinks in the world, as well as an iconic symbol of Cuban creativity independence. This is suggested by its name, which quite literally translates to “free Cuba”. Plus, it’s proof that your cocktail doesn’t have to be complicated or expensive to be delicious.

Our ultimate Cuba Libre recipe made with Fever-Tree Madagascan Cola is the perfect sweet & spicy highball to serve at BBQs and dinner parties.