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Although the origin of the mojito is uncertain, there can be no doubt this Cuban classic is one of the world’s most popular cocktails. We've created a Mojito Mixer using the finest Mexican Limes, and Moroccan mint which when stirred with rum & mint makes a refreshing authentic Mojito in moments.

Mojito Ingredients

  • 125ml Fever-Tree Mojito Mixer
  • 50ml Rum
  • Plenty of Ice
  • Mint Sprigs
  • Lime Wedge (optional)

How to Make the ultimate Mojito

Making the perfect Mojito at home every time couldn’t be easier, you simply stir your ingredients together.

Step one: Fill your glass with ice.

Step two: Add 125ml Mojito Mixer and 50ml Rum.

Step Three: Add fresh mint and stir well.

Step Four: Garnish with more mint and a lime wedge.

Top Tip: Traditionally white rum is used in Mojito’s, but this also tastes great with dark rum.

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