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Sangria is a cocktail made for sharing. A fresh, vibrant pitcher of the Spanish punch served during a get together of friends and family – perhaps during a BBQ or maybe on a Friday night – is guaranteed to put a smile on everyone’s faces.

But what is Sangria other than a summer favourite? Beyond being a Spanish invention, little is known about the origins of Sangria. The name is generally believed to be taken from the Spanish word ‘sangre’, which means blood – no doubt in reference to the drink’s deep red colour. Other than that, it’s all about simplicity and taste.

Apart from a few staple ingredients, Sangria is wonderfully adaptable. A Sangria recipe can vary widely by region and, perhaps more pertinently, what is available! When it comes to knowing how to make Sangria at home, always remember this is a cocktail perfectly suited to spontaneity. What fruit do you put in Sangria? Whatever is left in the kitchen and looks like an appetising Sangria fruit, we’d say.

There’s arguably nothing simpler than an easy Sangria recipe because you can adapt to whatever you have around. A bottle of plonk, a rummage in the back of the liquor cabinet, a good dash of Premium Lemonade, and whatever you’ve got left in the fruit bowl can result in a surprisingly delicious and refreshing drink. That’s the beauty of the Sangria: it can be made by anyone, in many different forms, all of them a party highlight. 

Sangria Ingredients

The ingredients for a Sangria are pretty loosely defined, from the alcohol to what fruit goes in a Sangria. That said, we think it’s good to have a reference point, so you know how to make the most of your ingredients. With that in mind, here’s an example of what your Sangria could look like: 

  • 2 bottles of fruity red wine (rioja is most commonly used in Spain)
  • 250ml spirit - brandy, vermouth, sherry or rum work well
  • 1 each orange, lemon, apple diced (or any other juicy fruit)
  • 2 bottles Premium Lemonade
  • Ice cubes to chill

How to Make the ultimate Sangria

Our simple red wine Sangria recipe here is based on the above ingredients but should be just as easy regardless of which ingredients you have knocking around: 

Step One: Chop all the fruit into equal sized pieces and add to a large pitcher.

Step Two: Pour over the wine and spirit. 

Step Three: Stir to combine and refrigerate until chilled, or until you’re ready for it! Add the ice and our crisp Premium Lemonade just before serving. 


The calories and carbs in Sangria vary broadly depending on the wine, spirit, and general cocktail variations. Of course, it also depends on how much you decide to fill your glass! All we can say for sure is that for each 100ml of Premium Lemonade you use, it will be just 35 calories and 8.6 grams of carbs. 

*For more nutritional information on Fever-Tree products please refer to the product packaging.

Mixers: Lemon Tonic Water

Spirits: Remy Martin VSOP Cognac

Tastes: Long and refreshing, Fruity and delicious

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