Aromatic Tonic Water

By blending the gentle bitterness of South American angostura bark with aromatic botanicals, such as cardamom, pimento berry and ginger, we've created a delicious, unique tonic water that can be enjoyed with gin to make a Pink G&T or as a sophisticated soft drink on its own.

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Aromatic Tonic Water Refreshingly Light  Aromatic Tonic Water
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Aromatic Tonic Water

Delicate & Spiced

Tasting Notes

With natural flavours including

South American Angostura Bark

Crafted for Juniper Rich

& Robust Gins

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Aromatic Tonic Water Refreshingly Light  Aromatic Tonic Water
From the central mountain ranges of Madagascar where our vanilla comes from


Ginger and cardamom give our Aromatic Tonic Water a gentle spice and Madagascan vanilla adds a delicate sweetness. The result is a uniquely refreshing aromatic flavour that has a dry and clean finish, with beautiful citrus notes.

Key Ingredients

To create the sweet, spicy flavour of our Aromatic Tonic Water, we blend Jamaican pimento berries, Madagascan vanilla and angostura bark from South America.

Pimento Berries

Pimenta dioica


Pimento is known as "all spice" because the taste and aroma of the berry resembles a mixture of four other well-known spices - cloves, nutmeg, cinnamon & pepper, adding a fantastic spice to our mixers.

We proudly source our Pimento berry from Jamaica where they are grown in the wild or on small holdings. Jamaica is globally renowned for having very fertile soil and for producing the best quality pimento oil in the world.

Fresh Vanilla

Vanilla planifolia


True Madagascan vanilla is a difficult thing to grow but the rewards are bountiful - its taste and aroma are so highly prized it is now worth more than its weight in silver. Vanilla is not native to the island of Madagascar. Despite its unrivalled breadth of biodiversity, there is no native fauna to pollenate the vanilla flowers; instead, local farmers painstakingly hand-pollenate each flower. The rigorous approach we take to our vanilla cultivation results an intensely sweet and warming burst of flavor.

Angostura Bark

Nutritional info
Typical values per 100ml



Total carb*

* of which sugars: 7.9g

Protein, fat, fibre, salt


Carbonated Spring Water, Sugar, Acid: Citric Acid, Natural Flavours including Quinine, Natural Colours,Safflower Extract, Angostura Bark Extract


Please refer to product packaging for latest nutritionals

Carbonated Spring Water, Fructose, Natural Flavourings including Natural Quinine, Acid: Citric Acid, Natural Colours, Safflower Extract, Angostura Bark Extract.


Please refer to product packaging for latest nutritionals

Available formats

Whilst our 200ml bottles are the perfect size for a single serve, our 500ml bottles are great for enjoying a few drinks with friends.

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