Classic Mule

Vodka Cocktails


3/4 Fever-Tree Ginger Beer

1/4 premium vodka

Juice of 1 lime


Mixing Method

Squeeze the lime juice into a copper Mule mug, dropping in the spent rind. Fill until overflowing with ice cubes and pour in the vodka. Finish with the Fever-Tree Ginger Beer and serve with a stirring rod.

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There are a couple of things you should know about the Mule. Firstly, cocktail aficionados will insist that it must be served in a copper mug for an authentic drinking experience. This has very little to do with flavour and a lot to do with copper’s properties as an excellent heat conductor. Sipping from a copper mug will not only chill your lips, but your hands too, making the drink seem much colder than it would served in a regular glass. If you don’t happen to have a copper mug to hand, an enamelware mug works well too, but we won’t pass judgment if your home-bar only has more typical drinking receptacles – a glass will do just fine.

The second thing to mention is that it is such a simple cocktail. Its simplicity also means each ingredient is of equal importance. There’s no camouflaging of poor quality here. Our Ginger Beer is made with three types of real ginger, giving it a distinct, fiery flavour that is perfect for a Mule cocktail.

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