How to Make the ultimate

Vodka Mule



This super simple recipe requires the following ingredients:

  • 150ml Fever-Tree Ginger Beer
  • 50ml Vodka
  • 1 lime
  • Plenty of Ice

Mixing Method

It’s no long walk in the cold to make a Moscow Mule. In fact, you’ll be there in just three steps:

Step One: Fill a copper mug or cup with plenty of ice, then squeeze the lime juice and drop the rind in.

Step Two: Add the Vodka.

Step Three: Pour in the Ginger Beer. Garnish Serve with a stirring rod.



This mix of our strong and spicy ginger beer and vodka contains 2 units of alcohol. For a lower calories option switch in our Fever-Tree Refreshingly Light Ginger Beer which has 49% fewer calories than our original recipe.

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This is one cocktail with plenty of character. Firstly, cocktail aficionados will insist that it must be served in copper mugs for the authentic drinking experience. This has very little to do with flavour and a lot to do with copper’s properties as an excellent heat conductor. You want your Vodka Mule ice cold like the streets of its namesake city.

Another interesting note is that even though this drink was made in a modern city, the Moscow Mule history is a long one. It’s claimed – according to a New York Herald Tribune article on the Moscow Mule origin – to have been created in 1941 by a bartender who needed to clear out his cellar of vodka and ginger beer.

Well, there’s unlikely to be much more unsold stock when this legend is on the menu. So popular is the drink that there’s variations of it all across the world featuring everything from absinthe to whisky, with plenty more in between. However, the classic combination of vodka and ginger beer can never be replaced.

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