Clementine Tonic Water

Fresh South African Clementine’s and Sri Lankan Cinnamon blends beautifully with the highest quality quinine from the Democratic Republic of Congo creating a delicately balanced tonic, complimenting premium sweetly spiced & sloe gins impeccably.

Clementine Tonic Water


The sweet juicy notes of South African clementine’s and spiced cinnamon are perfectly balanced by the soft bitterness of the highest quality quinine, presenting a uniquely clean and fresh finish with none of the cloying aftertaste you get from artificial sweeteners.

Key Ingredients

By blending the highest quality quinine from the ‘fever trees’ with the worlds juiciest South African clementines and the finest Sri Lankan spiced cinnamon, we have created a perfectly balanced tonic with a uniquely refreshing taste and aroma.


Cinnamomum cassia



Citrus clementina

South Africa

The clementine is a relatively new fruit, occurring naturally as a hybrid of a classic orange and the smaller mandarin in a north African garden in 1902. In warmer climes, such as South Africa where ours are grown, the fruits produced tend to be much tastier, with a rich, sweet and juicy orange flavour. For our Clementine Tonic, the clementine oil is extracted from the fruits by cold-pressing, preserving the distinctively fresh flavour.

Nutritional info
Typical values per 100ml



Total carb*

* of which sugars: 4.7g

Protein, fat, fibre, salt


Carbonated Spring Water, Fruit Sugar, Natural Flavourings including Natural Quinine, Clementine Oil and Cinnamon.

Available formats

Our 500ml bottles are great for enjoying a few drinks with friends.

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